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STRFKR :  Beach Monster : Miracle Mile

Chill Sunday music.

The National : Demons : Trouble Will Find Me

New track from The National’s sixth album due in May.

Bryan Ferry Orchestra : Rhyme or Reason : Jazz Age

Bryan Ferry Orchestra’s live performance of Jazz Age is stellar! A departure from the norm, Bryan Ferry revisits some of his better known tracks and transforms them into 20’s era jazz numbers with lots of brass and an amazing clarinet/bass sax player, Richard White. Unlike the instrumental album, on stage Ferry provided vocals for a handful of the songs.

Mikal Cronin : Is It Alright : Mikal Cronin

Cronin takes a break from a handful of other music projects (Party Fowl, Moonhearts, Okie Dokie, Ty Segall) to work on a solo project. This is a track off Cronin’s first solo album back in 2011, but he’ll be releasing his second, MCII , this coming May. Check out the first single Shout It Out.

Youth Lagoon : Dropla : Wondrous Bughouse

Wanted to post this when the album came out at the beginning of March…and here it is a month later. Trevor Powers revisits the land of dream pop with his sophomore effort Wondrous Bughouse. I probably wouldn’t recommend adding this to your Friday night pre-shindig playlist, but perhaps somewhere between yoga and meditation classes.

RDGLDGRN : I Love Lamp (Ft. Dave Grohl) 

DC-based band recruits legendary Dave Grohl for what should be a silly sounding song based on the title, but it is surprisingly serious and mercilessly catchy.

Civil Twilight : River : Holy Weather

Still feeling this one out, but I suspect it will grow on me.

Shakey Graves - Built to Roam
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Shakey Graves : Built to Roam : Roll the Bones

Feelin’ a little alt honky-tonk today? Grab a copy of Austin’s Shakey Graves track here.

Wavves : Afraid of Heights : Afraid of Heights 

New release from Wavves today. With hopeless lyrics like I’m ugly/you’re boring/I can’t act like I care over harmonized woos, it’s kind of impossible not to love it.

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CHVRCHES : Recover : Recover EP

We’re back, baby. And this Scottish band is brand-spanking new with an EP that dropped today. Download this jam for yourself here. 

TEEN - Electric
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TEEN : Electric : In Limbo

Heavenly Beat - Faithless
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Heavenly Beat : Faithless : Faithless EP

White Lung : Glue : Sorry

The Delphines : Drifters : Fear

Yo La Tengo : Before We Run : Fade

New album in January!